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By: Faye Hamilton


Paramedics face the reality of spiritual warfare and the consequence of human choice while life and death hang in the balance.

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David and Jonathan are paramedics that deal with life and death and the consequences of human choice. On Rescue 12, they respond to the tragic drug overdose of a group of teenagers at a high school party. One girl survives to tell what she witnessed in her near-death experience. This encounter results in the spiritual awakening of David and forces Jonathan to confront his own Christian faith which he abandoned when he came out as gay to his father.

What happens when the ambulance arrives? What happens when a patient dies? Why do so many things seem outside our human control? Why does God allow for sin, death and suffering? What’s the point of trying? These questions are answered, the emergency rescue calls are shared and the lives of the two paramedics are forever changed by the spiritual warfare that they encounter.

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Faye Hamilton

Faye Hamilton was a paramedic for almost 20 years working in the Tampa Florida region. 25 years ago, while working as a paramedic assigned at the Gibsonton fire station, she wrote the novel, Rescue 12 Responding.

Once she left the fire department, she returned to school, finished her bachelor's degree with a major in Religion and then graduate school. For the last 12+ years she has worked as a Physician Assistant in an emergency department in Phoenix Arizona.

Faye has been a conference speaker for many years, sharing the life lessons that she has learned from the raw, real life stories of those she has cared for. She has served in many capacities within local Christian ministries.

She is the mother of two awesome children, Tiffany and Matthew and one grandchild, Darien. A little over a year ago, she became a widow and, in that loss, began to explore what really matters. Matthew told her, shortly after her husband’s death that it was time for the world to see who Faye Hamilton really is. And, in that reveal, came the knowledge that the time had come to dust off the book written so long ago and publish it. And, in its release, the process to write the next in the series can begin.


Awesome Contributors

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Lissa White

She helped polish the book you have today, and caused the story to come to life again. Her effort to clean and correct the grammar and push me to more clearly remember what I had seen so long ago when I first penned this book has resulted in this finished product.

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Khana Santamaria

Youngest editor. First edited the book when she was seven years old                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Matthew Harris

Built this site n stuff

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Allison Pitman

Editor with The Christian Communicator

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